Krish Puri

Serial Entrepreneur, Computer Scientist, Trader, Investor, Marketer, Innovator, Philosopher, and Visionary

A serial entrepreneur, programmer, and internet marketer with a knack for web automation, Krish was born and raised in New Delhi, India and came to the United States in 2012 for his B.S. in Computer Science at Indiana University, Bloomington.  Specializing in Intelligent System/AI, he took many challenging courses during his 4 years at college that helped him transform into a skilled programmer with experience in many different languages.

Besides his work in college, he has also been working actively as an Internet Marketer and Entrepreneur since 2007 and has been the proud owner of several successful companies during that time period.  His other work involves creating applications such as trading bots, market metric calculation tools, etc. and his biggest creations include a commercial penny auction sniping software called PennyAuctionBot, an Artificial Intelligence based cryptocurrency market prediction engine called MetisAI that predicts breakouts in cryptocurrencies, and an online price tracking, comparison, prediction, and notification engine called DigASale that actively monitors over 90 million products every day at multiple online retailers.

Indiana University, Bloomington
Indiana University, Bloomington (School of Informatics and Computing)
Bloomington, IN, USA
Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Computer Science B.S.
Specialization: Intelligent Systems/Artificial Intelligence
Minors: Informatics, Philosophy
Year Graduated: 2016
    Founder | CEO | Lead Developer
  • Developed, a website that tracks more than 90 million products every day at multiple online Indian retailers in order to help people find deals by letting them set price alerts and view price history/predictions/comparisons for their favorite products at stores such as, Flipkart, SnapDeal, Jabong etc.
  • Built the front end of the website using technologies such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Solr, Javascript, JQuery, etc.
  • Created multiple back-end crawlers using Ruby that either connect with the API’s or crawl the websites of supported stores 24/7 in order to keep an updated database of all the products listed on them along with their basic information and prices
  • Created a Notification Engine using PHP and PostgreSQL which notifies users via email/Twitter whenever an item of their choice goes on sale at their desired price
  • Created a Deal Engine in Ruby, PHP and PostgreSQL that automatically finds the top daily and weekly deals every day and adds them to the website.
  • Created a Social Engine in Ruby that automatically posts the hottest/latest deals every day to the website’s account on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. by using their API’s
    Founder | CEO | Lead Developer
  • Founded, a website that helps users find deals on the latest designer fashion trends by sending them email alerts when their items of choice go on sale at any major online retailer
  • Completed the front-end of the website
  • Currently developing a web crawler that searches for deals on the top online fashion retailers and posts those deals on the website along with notifying users via email if a deal matches with the alerts they have set up in their accounts
  • Penny Auction Bot
    Founder | CEO | Lead Developer | Search Engine Marketer
  • Developed PennyAuctionBot, a set-and-forget Windows penny auction sniping application that helps users save their time, effort, and money by automating their bidding on more than 250 different penny auction websites such as Beezid, QuiBids, etc. using their pre-defined criteria and settings
  • Launched, a website with a sales copy to sell the software
  • Marketed the website online by using effective Internet Marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization and achieved top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for many of the targeted keywords
  • Currently maintain the software by releasing updates that include bug fixes and new features











Apache Solr





  • Operating Systems:
    UNIX, Ubuntu, Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/10
  • Software:
    Microsoft Visual Studio, JetBrains RubyMine, JetBrains PHPStorm, Android Studio, Eclipse, Pico, GNU Emacs, UBot Studio, Win Automation, Notepad++,  Dr. Java, pgAdmin III, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Acrobat, GitHub, Putty
  • Scripts:
    cPanel/WHM, phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Joomla, vBulletin, Mambo, osTicket, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, Drupal, PrestaShop, osCommerce, Zen Cart
  • Search Engine Optimization:
    • Keyword Research
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Link Building
    • Content Creation and Authority
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Authority
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing
  • Cost Per View (CPV) Marketing
  • Pay Per View (PPV) Marketing
  • Web Automation
  • Reading
  • Digital Photography
  • Personal Fitness
  • Film Making
  • Travelling

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