A Little Mistake That Cost a Lot!


Here’s a story not many people know about:

Back when I was a kid, I was still working as an internet marketer and was making a decent amount of money every month. So while doing my online marketing chores one day, I came across Bitcoin and noticed a few online service sellers had started accepting it as a payment option. Being tired of using PayPal and the problems associated with it, I was naturally interested in how the technology worked and started reading more about it and decided to invest $1000 into it after a bit of research. Before doing that however, I told my Dad about my plans and how the value of BTC could go up in the future. My Dad (being from the pre-internet era and having a very traditional mindset about investing) completely brainwashed me and convinced me it was a very stupid idea that would backfire quickly, and I would lose those one thousand dollars of mine in no time. Since I was still just a high school kid who had no knowledge on investing and how markets worked, I took his word for it and didn’t think twice about it. And this has now become one of the biggest regrets of my life!

Pay very close attention to this.

That $1000 investment today would’ve been worth $140 million. Yes, that’s ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY MILLION DOLLARS! And since Bitcoin still has a lot of potential left in it, that same investment could easily be worth over $600 million by the end of 2018. Instead of writing all this, I would be sitting in my own private yacht right now cruising the Caribbean and enjoying the warm, salty-breezed parallel universe. Oh well!

But to be fair on my Dad’s part, even I in my wildest dreams at that time couldn’t imagine that the price would see such a parabolic increase. I knew it could go up, but I thought it could go up and maybe become 10 times of what it was back then. The funny part though is that my Dad has now started giving me his own money to invest in Bitcoin for him. Love you Dad!

Lesson: Opportunities knock on the door all the time. It’s upto you if you want to jump on them or let them pass. Be bold, trust your judgment, and DO NOT hesitate in going too far. Because change can happen in an instant. And only you can decide if you want to take the risk, or lose the chance forever.


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  • Been in the similar boat mate , except could have made those gains in one month on an altcoin(xrb) , but missed it completely , I know what it feels like.

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