Month: December 2017

Month: December 2017


People often come and ask me this so I wrote this quick post explaining what advantages an intelligent trading bot can have over manual trading and how it can very easily outperform human beings:

  • Bots are much faster since they communicate directly with the website server, and this gives them better entry and exit points. By the time a human enters the data on the webpage, the bot would’ve already bought cheaper (or sold higher) than them. And this can easily make the difference between a good and bad trade, especially when the volume of the market is really high.
  • If the order doesn’t fill, bots will keep retrying until it does (again doing it faster than human beings).
  • They are far more disciplined than humans. Instead of FOMOing (fear of missing out) into trades, they’ll always wait for a good entry.
  • They know how to read and analyze data, and won’t make careless mistakes that are commonly made by humans.
  • They don’t have weak hands and will not sell early unless it is absolutely required.
  • FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) doesn’t affect them and they have strict rules set in place due to which they will not sell at a loss unless a stop loss condition is met.
  • They can trade for you automatically 24/7 without requiring any kind of manual assistance or intervention.

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