SmartWeb Search Engine

SmartWeb Search Engine

Project Information:

SmartWeb is a search engine I built as a final project for one of my Informatics classes at Indiana University, Bloomington. The search engine includes a crawler, indexing engine, link analysis engine, and retrieval engine written in Ruby along with a simple web interface built in HTML, CSS, and CGI.

To build the search engine, I designed/implemented various crawling, indexing, and link analysis algorithms such as Breadth First Search (BFS), Jaccard Coefficient Scoring, TF-IDF Scoring, META Tag Relevancy Scoring (META Title, Description, and Keywords), etc.  in order to display highly relevant search results for each search query. Even though I’m currently happy with the search results, I plan on improving the improving the search engine to make the search results even better.

Note: To save computing resources, I have currently indexed only around 5000 pages on the topic “Indiana University”, so keep this is mind when using the search engine.


To build a search engine in Ruby which included a crawler, indexing engine, link analysis engine, retrieval engine, and a nice web interface.


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