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Online Email Extractor is a multi-threaded email address collector that allows you to gather emails by searching the web using a keyword or website URL.



Online Email Extractor is a multi-threaded email address collector that allows you to gather emails by searching the web using a keyword or website URL.


Fully Automatic

Just run it once and set it up, and it will automatically start scraping thousands of email addresses for you – no further manual intervention needed!


Keyword Scraping

Allows you to find niche specific email addresses quickly by letting you search for emails using keywords/search terms


Smart Search Technology

Finds and formats all kinds of email addresses – even hidden addresses such as “mail [at] xyx [dot] com” or “mail @ xyx . com”


Extremely Fast

Multithreaded application that allows up to 50 threads, which means that it can scrape emails from up to 50 web pages at the same time


Website / URL Scraping

Allows you to find email addresses by letting you scrape emails (and more URL’s) from a website or URL


Removes Duplicates

Automatically removes any duplicate email addresses from the email list if those email addresses are found again later

How Does An Online Email Extractor Work?

An online email extractor may sound like a very complicated thing but it isn’t, it is just another phrase for an email search engine. It finds email addresses for you and stores them conveniently as a list for easy retrieval later.

While some email address collector software are developed to be able to extract emails from websites, search engines, and URL lists, others allow you to extract emails from local files stored on the device in use.

Once you have an email address extractor downloaded and installed, you actually begin to use it by setting it up and letting it run in the background, which means that it will work automatically the whole time the computer is switched on, but will be completely out of sight until you switch to the program again to check on it. The only thing you’ll see before that will be an icon in your computer’s taskbar.

To setup the software, you proceed by entering a search keyword or the URL of the website you wish to extract emails from, websites that you know contain lots of active email addresses. The software will, then, automatically start harvesting email addresses from the web. It will also scrape new URL’s from the page it is on and add them to its queue, so that it can collect as many email addresses as possible.

You can choose to stop the software at any time, and when you do that, the email extractor would have already done its job and collected emails based on your provided keyword or website URL, and you should then discover a list of multiple email addresses on your computer. From the list, you can copy some (or all) emails that you wish to utilize and paste them elsewhere, either in an excel document, a word document or just a word pad, for your own personalized purposes.

It’s really as simple as that. This is a very efficient way to gather hundreds (or thousands) of email addresses quickly, all automated and with absolutely no stress involved in the process.

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System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7 or 8 1 GB of RAM .NET Framework 4.0 and .NET 4.5 500 MB of disc space


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